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Re: How to switch to debian on a powermac G4?

Christian Lynbech on satellite wrote:

> Daniel> Requires glibc 2.0?  Are you sure?
> Unfortunately yes. Trying to run against glibc2.1 makes the program
> segfault which I recall as being one of the symptoms of lib mismatches
> across those versions (and the recommended linux versions are listed
> as R4 or MkLinux).

> Daniel> If so, you should not even be trying to make this run - glibc 2.0 never
> Daniel> really existed on PowerPC, it was a halfbaked port at best.  Only 2.1
> Daniel> and soon 2.2 are really an option.  R4 and MkLinux were notoriously
> Daniel> incompatible with everything else.
> Hmm, I was not aware that the situation was that bad. My hopes was
> that I could compile a glibc2.0 good enough for the software to run.

I'm no expert, but I thought glibc2.1 was supposed to be backward compatible with
I have had problems when I have upgraded my compiler from from 2.7.2 to
gcc-2.95.x.  The compiler is so good that it optimizes out symbols that the old
libraries expect to resolve.  The only way (that I know of) to fix this is to
recompile the libraries with the new compiler.

Brendan Simon.

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