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Re: yaboot on sawtooth G4

My experiences with yaboot_0.5 are getting more interesting the
more I play with it.

I started giving the Open Firmware boot command silly arguments out of
frustration, and got some interesting results.  Apparently, I can pick
random files that are sitting right beside yaboot_0.5 on the same HFS
slice, and get a message that indicates that the boot command was at
least able to locate the file, but so far no indication that it can
even find the yaboot_0.5 binary itself...

boot hd:vmlinux.benh.15            <--- silly
   load-size=264466 adler32=(something)
   Loading ELF
   CLAIM failed

boot hd:yaboot.conf                <--- very silly
   load-size=4b   adler32=b24b1919
   unrecognized Client Program format

Yet something not so silly yields...

boot hd:yaboot_0.5
    Can't open hd:yaboot_0.5

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