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freeamp and gdb

Does anyone have a working freeamp?  If so, what version?

The latest freeamp binary package is 1.3.1-5, a completely
obsolete version that doesn't run (at least on my machine) anyway.
The latest version available as a source package is 2.0.2-1, which
doesn't compile on PPC as a Debian package (it dies while trying
to compile lmc/xingmp3/src/xinglmc.cpp, as a result of an endian
problem and changes to gcc's interpretation of the C++ standard).
The latest version available upstream is 2.0.3, which has more
endian problems.  2.0.3 will compile, but segfaults as soon as you
try to play anything (after dragging a song title to the playlist
pane in the MyMusic window or immediately if a file is specified
on the command line).

gdb is also broken, albeit less obviously.  When running with
freeamp (gdb freeamp), *gdb* segfaults (from trying to run it on
core files generated by freeamp, I gather that the crash happens
while gdb is loading symbols).  Apparently it has problems with
threads on PPC.  The latest version available in binary packages
is 4.18-1.1; the latest source is 4.18.19990928-1, which doesn't
compile with the Debian mods.  Without them, gdb will build, but
is completely useless, giving useful results such as

   diziet% /usr/src/gdb-4.18.19990928/gdb/gdb freeamp
   GNU gdb 19990928
   This GDB was configured as "powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu"...
   (gdb) run
   Starting program: /usr/local/bin/freeamp 
   Don't know how to run.  Try "help target".

I don't care that much about freeamp (I got involved with freeamp
while trying to figure out a problem with xmms), but having gdb
broken seems like a very bad thing to me.

For more information, see
   freeamp bugs 
   gdb bug report


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