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Re: New PPC X server alpha

Sinan Gurkan wrote:

> > First of all, I'd like to stress that this doesn't run only on Permedia2
> > boards! The 4.0 release is close, and people should test this so that it
> > will run on Amigas, Macs etc. when it's released.
> I tried it..it only runs in 640x480 Mode...
> If you channge Khz Settings or use 5P monitor setting in XF86Config, after
> giving Startx command whole system freezes with a blank black screen..


I only tested it on my 1942 as the 5P is connected to the Athlon PC now.

This will teach me to let a few other people test things before I go public.

*Don't download this for now if you don't want to be deceived!*

I'll make another announcement once it seems to work better...

> I looked at new XF86Config, lines like
> Chipset "ti_pm2" are missing..are u aware of that ?

Yes, I wrote the file ;)

The chipset is hardcoded for fbdev right now, it was even with the previous

Please provide your /var/log/XFree86.0.log !

> BTW, How can we test OpenGL support ?

Make a symlink from libMesaGL.so.3 or whatever your OpenGL apps are linked
against to libGl.so.1

But don't expect anything...


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