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Re: Linux 2.3.41, 2.3.42... Broken on PowerPC (Can't be compiled)

On Thu, Feb 10, 2000, Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@mandrakesoft.com> wrote:

>If you are going to be compiling PPC devel kernels, and reporting bugs
>on them, you should (a) follow linuxppc-dev, and (b) grab the latest
>2.3.43-preXX pre-patch, which includes PPC fixes.
>In general, PPC tends to lag behind the Linus tree, so you should always
>use Paul MacKerras(sp?) or similar kernel trees.

The current PPC 2.3.x tree is the bitkeeper tree hosted on
hq.fsmlabs.com. (See the recent discussion about this on the linuxppc-dev
mailing list).

Also, I think Cort regulary sends the PPC updates to Linus.

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