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Re: Need Help installing on PowerMac downloading to PC

Josh Kuperman wrote:

> Can I create a bootable CD on my PC with the Installation and Packages
> I want for my Mac?  Can I come close enough with the 100MB zip drive?  What
> do I need to set up my internal modem?

AFAIK you don't need a bootable cd to install linux. You should boot into linux
via bootX (or OF), and then mount the cdrom.  You should be able to make an
ISO-9660 cd (make sure you allow long file names...).

To install the base system, you need something like 15-25mb (base file, ramdisk,
kernel, etc).  I guess you could just copy all the files onto different zip
disks and install them manually later...

For your modem, I might try searching linuxppc's user list for info...(unless
someone w/ that modem wants to help...)

--Nelson Abramson

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