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Re: netboot-capable pmacs (was Re: booting from openfirmware)

On Tue, Feb 8, 2000,  <james@netcsi.com> wrote:

>Since you've done some netbooting, i figured i'd ask ... do you know what
>Mac models can be successfully booted from the network?  Apple says only
>NewWorld macs, but a) that's for OS X's NetBoot Server b) it's Apple,
>they lie c) obviously there's some OldWorld things that can netboot as
>seen from your experience.  I've been screwing around with a 4400/200
>but it seems not to even have an OF driver for its ethernet card
>(DLINK-530 (Tulip)).  So obviously there are some that don't work as
>well.  *grumble*  I kinda wish Apple would release ROM upgrades for
>these flaky old machines...

I can't tell for sure. I think all bmac/heathrow based machines (with OF
2.x) can netboot. You may want to look at NetBSD PPC FAQ since they used
to netboot a lot more that we did.

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