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mouse button mapping with Xpmac & USB mice


i've written a small gnome utility to toggle the mouse button mapping;
this is useful for people with one button mice who prefer using the
virtual second and third mouse buttons by clicking rather than using key

i use an adb mouse and the Xpmac server and the utility behaves just
well, however, people complain that the utility won't run when using the
same server with USB mice.

My utility uses XGetPointer() and XSetPointer() to toggle button
mappings, and i included a small program which reduces my utility to
these two functions. Could someone with X expertise try it and give me a
hint what's wrong with it?

btw people who had the problem also get no effect when switching from
left to right handed mouse usage in the gnome control center - i took a
look at it and found that gnomecc also uses the above mentioned

As i can't reproduce the error (i have no usb adapter / mouse) i depend
on someone else's input.

if you can spare a minute, please compile the attached program with 
gcc -o pointer_map pointer_map.c -L/usr/X11R6/lib/ -lX11

Thanks for your help


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