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More on Powerbook G3 install


I'm still trying to get an install on my Powerbook G3 (lombard).

After the debian installer failed with "architecture not supported," I
tried doing a linuxppc install, hoping to get a bootable system that I
could then wrangle into a debian system.  Here's the tale...

First, the kernel that comes w/ the linuxppc installer looses the video
very early in the boot process (despite having "no video driver" checked in
the installer).  I was able to fix this by using the debian kernel
(dists/potato/main/disks-powerpc/current/powermac/linux).  This didn't have
the video problems but then the linuxppc installer image was unable to find
my HFS disk with live.filesystem to run the LinuxPPC X-based installer.  It
booted the regular redhat installer instead.  OK, no problem. 

The first few steps of the installation proceeded normally: it found eth0
and was able to successfully find the ftp server to continue the
installation.  Then, when it came time to set up my disk partitions, I was
shocked to discover that my machine has no disks!  At least, that's what
the kernel thinks.

Could this be an explanation for the "arch not supported" message from

I'm hoping that there are some kernel args that can be set to find my
internal IDE disk, but I really have no clue what they would be or even
where to look to find out.  Can someone give me a hand?


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