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Very slow aty128fb console

   I'm still plagued with a very slow console and as far as ever from
a solution.

I have a PowerMac 7300/200 with a Rage 128 Card. I boot into Debian
using BootX. I use a "pure" 2.2.14 kernel with the aty128fb patch

Whether I boot with "no video driver checked", or with
"video=aty128fb:vmode:20,cmode:32" or
"video=aty128fb:vmode:20,cmode:24" as kernel arguments doesn't make a
difference: I get a console which is very slow, especially *vertical*
scrolling, i.e. when characters have to move from right to left, or
left to right. For example, when I run dselect, and I'm selecting
pacakges, when one switches from non-verbose to verbose mode, columns
realign themselves into a new position. This operation, where one page
is being redrawn, takes more than 10 seconds...

The strange thing is that when I was in the process of installing
Debian, up until the end of the process when using dselect for the
very first time, the console was fast. The above operation in dselect
took a fraction of a second. As soon as I finished the installation
process, the console started to crawl. Anything I've tried since to
fix this has failed. I have no such problem when running the Xpmac
Rage128 X Server, which is quite fast, it's only when in a console.

Does anyone else with a Rage 128 card see this? What could I have
screwed up in the installation process to cause this? What tools could
I use to force the console to speed up? I'm not sure what I can do to
manipulate a fb console. I would *really* appreciate any suggestion
there! Thanks,


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