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Re: xmms plays scratchy MP3's under esound

>>>>> "MD" == Dänzer  <Michel>
>>>>> "RD" == Renaud Dreyer <rdreyer@math.berkeley.edu>

    RD> Is anyone else having this problem? I'm running a pure 2.2.14
    RD> (from kernel.org) kernel, patched only for rage128 fb, on a
    RD> PowerMac 7300.  Could this be a problem with dmasound? If so,
    RD> is there a patch?

    MD> I can only imagine it's a problem with buffer
    MD> size/synchronization ...

Hmm.  Dunno about that, unless you're talking about buffers in
xmms -- mpg123 plays MP3 files that xmms plays with static
perfectly.  freeamp seems to be pretty buggy, too (can't find user
interface files, segfaults when started from the command line).


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