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Re: Mozilla M13 Release Build Available

Kevin Puetz wrote:

> Hello all, and good news!

Excellent news :-)

> Linux/PowerPC is now a working mozilla platform, thanks to the efforts of
> Franz Sirl, waterson, and others. I have a release build available at
> <http://www.public.iastate.edu/~puetzk/mozilla-ppc-unknown-linux-gnu-M13.tar.gz
> > This shouls be appearing on mozilla.org soon, but first I need some testers
> to verify that it works correctly on LinuxPPC and other distributions (it was
> built on a Debian/PPC system). After first installing it, it needs to be run
> as root first so that it can create its component.reg file - after that it
> should be fine for all users.

When I try and run "./mozilla", it starts, and then stops w/ the
error: "./mozilla-bin: error in loading shared libraries: libelf.so.0: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory "  Obviously this (or atleast seems
like) a dependency error.  I have libelf installed (I rpmed a new copy jik), but
the file definately does NOT exist on my hard drive.  What package should this
file be part of..?  I checked libelf, it doesn't supply it...

--Nelson Abramson


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