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Re: console-data

On Wed, Jan 26, 2000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40@calva.net> wrote:

>>        $subarch = 'mvme'       if $subarch eq 'motorola';
>>        $arch = "$arch/$subarch";
>A better approach for Power Macs would probably be the field "motherboard" of
>/proc/cpuinfo, which contains the content of the device tree "compatible"
>property with spaces between the tokens. You should find a token "MacRISC" in
>it on any powermac, powerbook, imac, etc...

I forgot to mention that if you stick with the current approach,
powermac1 may not be enough (I don't know perl well enough to know if
your script will work anyway). New machines have powermac2,1 (new imacs),
powermac3,1 (g4) and powerbook2,1 (ibook).

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