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Re: modutils v2.3.9-2 is broken

 I do not get it...

 Michel Dänzer wrote:

>> Setting up console-data (1999.08.29-9) ...
>> grep: /proc/hardware: No such file or directory
>This one is really broken, /proc/hardware seems to be available only
>> on APUS (and m68k).

 then Ethan Benson wrote:

>>  How to I remove console-data?
>you shouldn't, console-data should be fixed instead.  <ahem>

 So, if it is broken(*) why should I keep it?

> Please report this bug: no keymaps described for architecture
> powerpc/ at /var/lib/dpkg/info/console-data.config line 652, <STDIN>
> chunk 4.


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