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Re: Lombard console video initialization?

John Whitley wrote:
> Has anyone running a Lombard Powerbook with a recent kernel (I'm
> running 2.2.14 now) managed to boot and get coherent console mode
> video with "No video driver" unchecked in BootX?  (Or else via
> yaboot?)  I've noted that atyfb acceleration doesn't get turned on if
> I check "No video driver"...  but that's the only way console mode
> video is displayed properly.  I've tried tinkering with a number of
> variations of the kernel video arguments over time, and none seem to
> matter.

I have a 333 MHz Lombard, and I boot with the arguments:


When I'm all booted up, I tweak the display through fbset.  If you have
an /etc/fb.modes full of valid modes, try doing the following:

fbset "1024x768-75"
fbset -pixclock 13400
fbset -accel true

The pixclock setting was something I came to after tweaking 
"1024x768-75" until no static was visible in X.

If anyone else has better display options, I'd love to hear them.
My options work well for me (with XFree86 FBDev server), but it
would be a little nicer if it were faster.

Shaw Terwilliger (sterwill@io.nu)

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