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Re: Installing Debian over DHCP

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Kevin Puetz wrote:

> erbenson@alaska.net said:
> > you don't need to unless you are installing the base system from NFS!
> > dbootstrap only installs base2_2.tgz nothing else, after that is
> > installed you have a self sustaining system that boots on its own,
> > you can then just setup dhcp from that, if dhcpd is not there just
> > download the package manually and dpkg -i it.  the actual package
> It's hard to download the client that will let your networking start to 
> function if you replaced your other OS. But I see your point here.
> > selection and installtion is done with dselect from your base system
> > not from dbootstrap. 
> Is there time to make sure that dhcp is in base_2_2.tgz then? Just to avoid 
> the chicken and egg problem if you replaced your only other OS :-).

What other OS? Seriously. I've been running Linux only at home for
years. At work I've been known to slum it with some commercial *NIXen ;-),
but as I can't afford IBM's licenses I won't be running AIX at home,
e.g. I'm a one OS dude.

With PPC we can boot from the net, we should take advantage of that. At
most I should need a couple of floppies to get the kernel in and use the
necessary hardware. Networking is necessary hardware :).

I didn't really look for it when I installed Wed night, but isn't there
going to be ftp and http install capabilities? It'd be cool to pop in 2
floppies, then be able to use standard networking protocols that are more
likely to be allowed through a firewall :).



> Or are we too late?

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