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Re: Installing Debian over DHCP

On 14/1/2000 Renaud Dreyer wrote:

Hmmm... But would that allow him to install using the "tasks" or "profiles"
methods, or would he have to do it package by package? He's insisting
strongly on installing some sort of baseline distribution.

I thought installation using profiles or tasks were only done from the
install script?

last i tried the profile method it didn't work, but either way profile selection is done AFTER the base system is installed and booted, not from dbootstrap.

after you boot the base system you are greeted and asked to set a root password, then are asked if you want to use the task selection, if so you choose your task and it sets the selections and runs dselect, just quit dselect and setup dhcp, configure /etc/apt/sources.list then rerun dselect, select apt method, skip select, and hit install.

(or go though select and see if it selects what you want..)

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