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Re: Installing Debian over DHCP

On 14/1/2000 Renaud Dreyer wrote:

1) Get a lease from the Mac OS/HFS part of his machine
2) Bootstrap into
the installer from that HFS partition, which should take the machine off
the net
3) Install using the info from the lease, as if he had static IP
4)Install DHCP and then renegociate the lease?

you don't need to unless you are installing the base system from NFS! dbootstrap only installs base2_2.tgz nothing else, after that is installed you have a self sustaining system that boots on its own, you can then just setup dhcp from that, if dhcpd is not there just download the package manually and dpkg -i it. the actual package selection and installtion is done with dselect from your base system not from dbootstrap.

unless you need to access an nfs server to get to the base tarball you don't need the network at all for the base installation.

that is why this is not considered such an important issue for potato, most people don't install the base over NFS they do with with floppies or from a disk partition.

dbootstrap is not like the redhat installer where everything is selected and installed right at once, its a 3 stage process:

1) install kernel and modules
2) install any needed modules to make the hardware work
3) install the base system tarball
reboot into base system, no more dbootstrap.
then you use dselect to get and install the rest of the system.


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