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Installing Debian over DHCP

   Thanks to all the great advice I got on this list (especially from Ethan
Benson). I managed to install Debian from the boot floppies on my 7300
without a problem (apart from quite a few errors installing some

I have a friend who's about to switch from MkLinux to LinuxPPC, and who I'm
trying to convince to try Debian. He has cable modem so FTP installation
should be easy (I downaloaded all the packages I'd chosen in 13 minutes...),
however he's using DHCP. I didn't see any option to use this from the
installer (it's either static or PPP it seems). Is there a hack he could
use to make this work? I was think it might be possible
to temporarily exit the installer, go into a shell, get the DHCP package
(previously downloaded on another partition), launch it manually and then
go back to the installer. Would that work?

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