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install bug with exim

moin, moin,

just installed a Motorola PowerStack from http.us.debian.org. Used local
install images and base from a cd that was made a few weeks ago, then
setup apt to get packages off the net.

Anyway, had 6 packages not want to config properly:


I think they were all hanging on exim. Don't need af, mutt or elm-me+, so
I just removed them anyway. Once I fixed exim the other 2 finished up.

exim was returning an error code from the post-install script due to not
being able to write to /etc/exim.conf, funny problem for root to
have... It even recomended running as root. Anyway, the problem was that
it can't write to a non-existant file :). I did a ">/etc/exim.conf" and
tried once again and everything went well.

I see that a bug's already been reported, 51548. 

It looks like several other bugs come from the same type of problem with
this package. Pretty annoying on the default MTA :(.

Changing line 46 to be:

if ( -e "$etc/exim.conf" and ! -w "$etc/exim.conf" ) {

fixes the problem. Can I just send this to the 51548 mail address?



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