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Re: Hesitating to take the plunge in Debian

> On 12/1/2000 Renaud Dreyer wrote:
> >Ah... Well, I do have BootX  and the Linuxppc R5 install on my Mac
> >OS partition so it shouldn't be a problem.
> I personally think its a good idea to get direct booting going, bootx 
> seems to be having more problems with newer kernels, and is working 
> less and less with newer machines (g4 class) its not too reliable on 
> my blueg3, for newworld macs use yaboot, for oldworld I think quik 
> works, BenH is working on something call Miboot for some other macs 
> too (i think pre OF)

You mean even Nubus machines? That would make one of my friend
with a 6100 very happy!

> >  > pretty much, except debian handles the server differently, instead
> >  > you edit /etc/X11/Xserver to choose the real server.  no symlinks.
> >  > and i think Xpmac requires a kernel option or hack...
> >
> >Yeah,  there's a "xpmac legacy" option when configuring the kernel under
> >Linuxppc, I assume it is the same under Debian.
> >I really hope the accelerated Xpmac works under Debian because going back
> >to the unaccelerated Rage Orion will not be fun... And the
> >accelerated Xfree86 is not as stable or fast as the Xpmac.
> I don't see why i should not work, but I will leave someone else to 
> comment, im not much up on X issues right now as the blueG3 is pretty 
> much lost cause for reasonable X use till a server comes out for that 
> card.

Well, the BlueG3 is also using the Rage Orion card so whatever works
for me should work for you :)

> >Extremely elegant! Since I want to Nextify my box as much as possible, this
> >is very important for me.
> so do I, I wish there were more apps for GNUstep, and I am not sure 
> of some of the few GNOME apps which are interesting can be made to 
> look NeXTish without using the GNOME/E! bloat center

I think GTKStep does that, though I've never used it.

> (I prefer 
> windowmaker for a windowmanager)  unfortunately i doubt any theme 
> will fix the menubars in the window, vertical menus are so much 
> nicer....

The first thing I did once I installed Linuxppc was get rid of GNOME and
install WindowMaker. I like some of the GNOME Apps but I don't
want a Windows 98 look-alike, I want a NeXTSTEP look-alike...

> >
> >
> >Ah, something else I wanted to ask... I assume it's easy to chase down
> >a specific library after a compile aborts and asks for it?
> dpkg -S whateverfileorpath

Relief... I got tired of doing global Usenet and Web searches.

> and if that does not work debian has two search engines for the 
> entire archive one for packages/descriptions, the other for 
> individual files.  I think there is a userspace utility that does 
> this so you don't have to use bloatscape too, i have not gotten 
> around to looking at that yet.
> >
> >
> >I wish I'd knew all of this a month ago, when I installed Linuxppc and
> >started to slowly try to fix and optimize everything...  Ciao and thanks
> >again,
> its amazing how linuxppc has a seemingly good reputation, but yet I 
> cannot understand the bugs in that distro, I don't wish to really put 
> them down for there work but they really need to do more testing and 
> wait longer before releasing, even redhat who has a tendency to leave 
> bugs in for release does not leave such a high number of frankly 
> stupid problems...

They don't seems to have a good bug reporting problem. I encountered
many little problems, and couldn't find references to them. When I
ask about them on the mailing list, I sometimes get some help
but often it's a fatalistic "Yeah, we know, count yourself lucky,
it could be worse".

> anyway I am very pleased to have a non redhat alternative for the PPC 
> arch, now i just wish i could compile a pure kernel from kernel.org 
> and have it work!!

Any idea when 2.4 is coming out? I was reading one of the Linux mags
and they were trumpetting it as if it was already out.

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