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Re: Debian-ppc and G3-Lombard

On Tue, Jan 11, 2000 at 05:21:44PM -0600, Kevin Puetz wrote:
> The system works fine, what 'unsupported' is the install floppy. You'll have 
> to start with tar -xzvpf base_2_2.tgz, and proceed from there (hope you've 
> done debian before).

Ah, okay. I assume I can use the rescue floppy as a ramdisk to boot.  I've 
done debian quite a bit, but havnt had the pleasure of ignoring the install 
floppy before; it probably wont be too bad. :) 

Im guessing the steps will be more or less like so: 

  * Boot rescue disk 
  * mkswap / mke2fs 
  * mount src of base*tgz 
  * mount e2fs partition 
  * untar base onto the tobe /
  * go frob /etc to have the right *tab 
  * reboot ?


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