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Debian-ppc and G3-Lombard

I was trying to install -current on my lombard; all and all nothing was all 
that complicated to get going. You must boot with no video driver or the 
kernel will hang. Unfortuantly it got as far as the Installer, which promptly
told me that my PPC Arch was unsupported at this time.  

I'm a little confused by this actually. What is not supported about it? I've 
been able to run the other ppclinuxes run as well as I expect any rh derived 
system to run.   I guess perhaps the the default kernel might not have support
for "something", but thats easily circumvented.  

Basically, could someone tell me exactly what is "unsupported", and if there 
is any way to circumvent this annoying mssange and go forward at my own 

-Matt Knopp

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