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Re: xfree

On Mon, Jan 10, 2000 at 07:03:32PM +0100, Ivo KRAB wrote:
> Sven Luther replied:
> >> Could you PLEASE build and package all the servers, not just the FBdev one?
> >> The fbdev is not accellerated for my Powerbook's Chips 65550, but the SVGA
> >> one is supposed to be.
> >
> >No, i will not, i have other things to do. If you provide me with a patch,
> >then i could do it. Anyway, i don't think the SVGA Xfree server will even
> >compile on ppc, but then i may be wrong.
> Don't know about that, but I don't see why it shouldn't. The way I see it,
> normally everything gets built by default, so is it a lot more work to
> package also the other server binaries?

Sure, sure, ...

but i think it is not ppc clean, maybe a lot of endian problems and other
such. But like said, if you manage to build it, and send me the correct
patches, i will do it.

> >If you have the 65550 specs, you could even add fbdev accel for it, taking as
> >model the mach64 and pm2 stuff (in xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree68/maxh64|pm2 i
> >guess).
> Sorry I'm not enough of a programmer for that yet, and certainly don't have
> the time right now to dive into such an adventure, soon to be outdated by
> Xfree 4.0 anyway. I'll just wait, thank you.

like everyone else, ...

> >> On another tack there, I've downloaded and built the 3.9.17 source. It's
> >> not working for me yet, but when (if) it will, how do I go about packaging
> >> and uploading it? Is there a HOWTO?
> >
> >Xfree 3.9.17 is not actually working for powerpc. you could give 3.9.15 a try
> > [...] what problem did you experiment with 3.9.17 ?
> >please forward your problem to the xfree mailing list, so it get fixed. (the
> >address is devel@XFree86.Org) Make sure to provide lots of info about your
> >problem.
> I finally got the whole thing to compile, but then at startup the chips
> drivermodule loads a vga module and tries to load an "int10" module, which

known problem, you have to uncomment the INT10 stuff in the config files.

> has apparently something to do with pc bioses, totally inappropriate for
> mac I guess, over which it barfs. I'll post a detailed report to the list.

It is useful for mac user using i386 graphic boards, with i386 only bioses,
but anyway this stuff is only i386 for now, until someone ports it to ppc.

> I guess that means there is no moderation? I did not see a bugreport
> possibility for the snapshots through the normal webforms.

I think there is no moderation, not sure though, i am a developper, and can
post normally, but sometimes i see posts from non developper.



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