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New 2.2.14 for iMac/iBook/G4

I've uploaded a new version of my kernel. It's now based on final 2.2.14
and contains a few more fixes.

It's at the usual URL: http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html


There's a problem with the amd daemon and this kernel. I don't know yet
if it's specific to my kernel or a more generic 2.2.14 issue, but on my
machine, amd crashes the kernel at startup (or makes it oops I beleive
when xmon is disabled).

Remove amd from your init.d to fix the problem, or eventually upgrade to
a newer amd (I think I was still using the old one from linuxppc Q3).

This is the only problem found so far.

Note: The USB mouse is still (c 10 32) protocol imps/2, unlike Paul's
rsync tree.

Have fun !


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