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Booting debian.

I got a Powerbook G3 Lombard, and made a hack.
I installed the bootloader from LinuxPPC, and booted the instalation, since I couldnt with the debian disks because powerbook doesnt have floppy. Instead of installing LinuxPPC, I opened a terminal and:

1) partitioned
2) Formatted
3) uncompressed a tar.gz file  containing the base files, and then I modified fstab.
4) I donloaded and installed apt-get, and some dependencies.

Wich kernel should I install?
what is the right way of booting linux?
is what I did correct?
how do I activate de swap partition?
how do I give a name to my machine, instead of the noname name?

If I take the ramdisk stuff off the bootloader it wont boot correctly, actually it wont mount the root fs. what can I do about it?
How can I know if the g3 cache is active?

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