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Re: RS/6000 and other systems

> I've tested the instlation floppies on a mac8500.

Ahh, good.

> Currently the rescue floppy is unreadable.
> when you fdflush /dev/fd0 it gives you error 115

Hmmm, this is a new bug.

> When you install the base system, it reads the first floppy you stick in
> the computer just fine, but after that it thinks every other disk is the
> first disk.

This should be fixed in the current boot-floppies cvs. Now that linux-2.2.14
is available we will build new images and then also new boot-floppies.

Could you try the bootx setup method? 

 Many thanks also for the other people that will do some tests. 

 For kevin:  your mail-address isn't reachable. 



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