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Re: APUS hardware support?

Hello Geert
What's up?
On 22-Dec-99, you wrote:

>> So, you mean that the Amiga4000 has no PCI? When I bought an Infinitiv
> The plain A4000 has no PCI.
>> for my A1200, there were instructions which told me that EVEN THIS tower
>> model(zorro-version) had 2 PCI:s. So you mean that the Infinitiv
>> manufucturer have lied? 
> Since many Amiga graphics boards have a FPGA to convert from Zorro to PCI,
> it's possible that the Infinitiv tower has such a thing.
> IIRC, the DKB Wildfire accelerator also has a local PCI bus. It even has a
> DEC21041 Ethernet chip, so they even implemented PCI bus mastering (which
> is not needed for graphics cards and hence not implemented in e.g. the
> Cybervision 64).
Stop! Wait! What a hell are you talking about?
No Classic Amiga has "Live" PCI Connector! Micronik's Zorro BUS (Zorro II or
Zorro III) has ISA Slots and PCI Slots only for a BridgeBoard or CPU Intel
Board (all in one computer board) and they are unconnected thru the Zorro
AFAIK only the BoXer has Live PCI Connector bridged thru the Zorro III bus
board implementation.
CyberVision64 and CVision64/3D and Picasso IV and CVisionPPC and BVisionPPC
have a custom bridge converter from PCI to Zorro II/III. So no PCI Card can
be used directly into any Amiga.
Sorry for that! Even the AteoBus Board is a custom ISA2Zorro Bridge
Connector so only using their library ISA Cards are seen to Amiga if
correct driver is written. (i.e.Pixel64 and GD5434.driver!!)

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