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Re: APUS hardware support?

On 22-Dec-99, you wrote:

> --- Björn Johansson <amigafreak@home.se> wrote:
>> The graphics cards you buy today for Amiga has very high prices compared
>> to those which exist for pc:s. If I connect a PCI-graphic card at my PCI
>> port on the Amiga, can I use this graphic card with Linux?
> AFAIK there are no Amigas with a PCI bus (PCI is a bus, not a port as
> AGP). Note that Phase5's proprietary bus for the B/CVision is *not* PCI.
> (If it was, the bandwidth would be a bit higher than 20 MB/s ;)

You're kidding, right?

> Michel

So, you mean that the Amiga4000 has no PCI? When I bought an Infinitiv tower
for my A1200, there were instructions which told me that EVEN THIS tower
model(zorro-version) had 2 PCI:s. So you mean that the Infinitiv
manufucturer have lied? Strange... Since I'm definitely not a expert in
hardware I'm going to check this up.

MVH  Björn "Bear" Johansson


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