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Re: APUS hardware support?

> > The graphics cards you buy today for Amiga has very high prices compared to
> > those which exist for pc:s. If I connect a PCI-graphic card at my PCI port
> > on the Amiga, can I use this graphic card with Linux?
> AFAIK there are no Amigas with a PCI bus (PCI is a bus, not a port as AGP).
> Note that Phase5's proprietary bus for the B/CVision is *not* PCI. (If it
> was, the bandwidth would be a bit higher than 20 MB/s ;)

There is hope with the G4 boards from Phase5 (of they ever show). It will have 
a PCI connector (you need to build a bus-expansion) and as it's looking 
now it will probably have an AGP slot too.

Of course someone has to build an extention chassis to actually be able
to plug PCI/AGP card(s) in.. :-(

And we'll need to hack around in APUS again to get it to work on these
cards. Hopefully the lack of a real m68k on the card (it's emulated
as on the Powermacs) makes it easier from the software viewpoint.

I'm just a little (well.. A lot actually) worried that Phase5 will not
release enough info on the G4 board for an APUS port as they are pushing 
QNX's 'Neutrino' with Ados backwards compatibility as their preferred OS.

							Bye, Arno.

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