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Re: Debian for PPC problems

Marcin Owsiany was said to been seen saying:
> Hi
> I just want to know if anyone experiences such unpleasant problems as I do.
> If so, then please let me know that i'm not alone :-)
> 1.
> My APT is useless - it thinks every package it fetches is corrupted
> (md5sum), but I checked it, and everyone is OK
	This has been well mention'd for atleast the last week here on the
list and on #Debian by me on more than one ocassion... the 0.3.15 version
which is available for i386 now should fix the problem when it gets into
the powerpc tree... the problem is with 0.3.14...
	As for the rest of your issues I'm unaware of them or they haven't
affected me for one reason or another (ie- I don't use telnet as port 23
connections in and out are drop'd at the firewall and I don't run ircd on
any of my machines)...

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