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Fiddly little problems

I've just installed a Debian PowerPC system on a PowerMac 8200/120 system 
(containing a 601 --- oh, the joys of cutting edge technology). Everything 
works pretty well with a few problems.

(a) X keeps crashing. I'm using Xfbdev; everything works fine for a while, but 
the server will randomly and spontaneously collapse with an error message 
saying that it can't set the colour map (I don't have it handy, but can find 
out the exact wording if it's important). As I'm running in 16-bit mode, 
that's a bit strange.

(b) The keymap's screwed up. In particular, the right shift key seems to act 
like a normal key, not as a modifier. Under X, things are *really* weird. I 
think I've picked the right one --- US extended keyboard. I mostly use x2x for 
the keyboard and mouse from an Intel machine, so this isn't too much of a 
problem, but see (a).

(c) The machine doesn't like booting. After running Linux, about 75% of the 
time the machine won't find the hard drive at the next bootup (apple with a 
question mark). Resetting the parameter RAM seems to help, but the main cure 
is to keep hitting reset and power cycling until it boots up again.

(d) Is there a way of persuading Open Firmware to drive my monitor at more 
than 640x480?

Thanks for any help --- this is my first experience with non-Intel Linux. I've 
been extremely impressed so far; it's, like, Linux. Nothing odd about it at 
all. This being a Mac, this surprised me...

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