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Re: netstd, fingerd and the r* gang

Michael G Schwern was said to been seen saying:
> I'm having some trouble not installing fingerd, rwhod and the rest of
> the r* gang.  Trouble is that netstd 3.07-10 depends on them and
> netbase 3.16-2 in turn recommends netstd.  dselect won't let me get
> rid of netstd without dumping netbase, too (which, of course, I can't
> do).
> Is this a bug?  A feature?  How do I get rid of rwhod and fingerd and
> keep dpkg happy at the same time?
	I too have noticed this on my ppc machine... Of course for me it
really isn't that big of an issue as I block them all at the firewall 
anyway but from the discription of netstd I would say the goal is to be
able to remove it... Just seems some packages still have some dependency
issues... Would seem the culprit is netbase as most packages require it
and if it wants to be uninstall'd by removing netstd then fixin it's 
dependencies would solve the problem... I haven't seen this issue on 
either of my i386 or alpha machines (4 machines total)...

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