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Re: potato boot-floppies for powerpc uploaded

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > >My beige G3 contains "Power Macintosh" in the "model" property, My wallstreet
> > >PowerBook contains "PowerBook" and an iMac I have here returns "iMac".
> > >
> > >I beleive you should also check the device tree's "compatible" property and
> > >look for "MacRISC", I think all PowerMacs have this one (If someone
> > could check
> > >with the "old" 8500/7500 machines, my 8500 is out of order for now).
> > 
> > Correcting myself, the iMac contains "iMac,1". I think we should only
> > rely on the "compatible" property. This property contains a list of
> > null-terminated strings, the kernel will put all the entries in the
> > "motherboard:" field of /proc/cpuinfo separated with space. You can
> > either lookup /proc/device-tree/compatible and get the null-terminated
> > strings, or look for cpuinfo. In the list, the only property that seems
> > to be always here on PowerMacs (even on the iBook) is "MacRISC"
>  On my CHRP board it is 'prep'  :-)

Your CHRP board isn't a Mac :-)
But it does have `CHRP IBM,LongTrail-2' in proc/cpuinfo:machine, right?

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