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Re: will PPC installer work with DOS partition tables

> The reason I ask is it looks as if the newer macs OF is broken in
> such a way that it will require a partition dedicated to holding the
> boot loader (if you want to get rid of non-Free macos)

I'm not under the opinion that all software should be free, BUT I was also
dismayed that I needed a MacOS partition to boot my beige g3 desktop.

The way I've come to look at it is, I have a 100 meg bootloader partition
(HFS, MacOS, BootX) on my hard disk. Unlike lilo, I have full gui,
self-diagnostic tools (disk first aid), and even a Java capable web browser
in my boot loader. Not only that, my bootloader can contain an entire
live-filesystem. Kind of makes silo, milo, and lilo look bad.

MacOS: the most robust bootloader for Linux.

I think this is the most optimistic way to look at big booting kludge. And
my tongue was firmly embedded in cheek while writing.

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