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Re: will PPC installer work with DOS partition tables

Ethan Benson wrote:
> Hello,
> Does the Debian PPC installer work OK with DOS partition tables?  as
> in the same partition tables we use on intel machines?
> The reason I ask is it looks as if the newer macs OF is broken in
> such a way that it will require a partition dedicated to holding the
> boot loader (if you want to get rid of non-Free macos) since there is
> no way to create a hfs filesystem accept to use macos I would rather
> use a DOS or ISO filesystem on such a partition as they can be fully
> created and maintained under a GNU/Linux only system, however
> BrokenFirmware will only read a DOS filesystem from a DOS partitioned
> disk.
> if anyone knows of other methods of booting newer OF macs (the
> translucent kind) that does not require macos at any time let me
> know.

To do so actually would be trivial. And I like that idea. Millions of
idiots have 540M dos disks or something lying around, DOS is pretty
widely accepted unfortunately, and ext2's one of those oddball
filesystems like XFS only ext2 sucks more. (I WANT EXT3 NOW!:)

Somebody wanna handle this? It's definitely doable, I just don't have a
devel machine no more. :(


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