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Various bits of help needed


For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why my telnetd was refusing
all connections...the latest upgrade gave me a better error message, so
I had a better idea what was wrong.

The only way I can properly telnet into my machine is if I had
setuid-root on in.telnetd (same with screen). So, the question now is:
what has the wrong r/w permissions? I'm sure that having these setuid-ed

is a minor security hazard, but it's got the problem solved for now...

My system was started about 3-4 months ago (back when the install was
hellish), and I've been apt-ing upgrades since then. My kernel is a
custom built 2.2.10, and I used make-kpkg to build it...

Any ideas?

Also, I've been looking for ways to do another install on a new box, but

I can't find any recent information on what the current best install
method is. Could someone point me to the correct page? All the ones on
debian.org/ports are "under construction" or don't work at all, and
powerpc.debian.org is still the apache default installed page. :)

-Jeremiah Merkl

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