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Re: dmasound failure under 2.2.12 kernel

On Fri, Oct 8, 1999, Matt Porter <mmporter@home.com> wrote:

>It would be helpful if you or someone else could provide a patch versus
>stock 2.2.12 (and future versions) for needed Mac fixes.  I did the last
>upload the powerpc 2.2.12 patch and images, but my native platform is
>PReP so I have no way of knowing what are the appropriate patches to include
>for Mac.
>I'm planning on doing another set of images shortly (since we've done some
>IDE fixes on PReP), so I could include any Mac support in the stock images
>at that time.  

Some of the patches in my test kernel are not clean enough to be merged,
and most of them are only tested on my powerbook. I was waiting for Paul
to handle merging of the real fix ones, he should be working at linuxcare
now with time to do this. Basically, this kernel is mostly useful to
powerbook owners, I wouldn't recommend it for other users.

If Paul doesn't re-appear next week, I'll look into separating the clean
patches that could be merged now (like the machine_is_compatible fix)
from the others and post separate sets of patches. I also need to make
2.3.x version of the patches, I just didn't find time to do all this for now.

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