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kbd package install problem and Lombard problems

In installing the kbd package (0.99-2, I think... whatever is
currently in http://http.us.debian.org/ unstable main), I've gotten
into an infinite loop in the script asking the
"Do you want the kernel's default keymap to be reloaded?"

  If I answer 'n RET', and I just get the question again.

  If I just hit RET, I get the message "Cannot find defkeymap.map"

  There is no way to break out of the script; neither ^C nor ^Z work.
  (^^^^^ this was annoying.  I'm new to Debian, and unfamiliar with
         exactly how dselect and its child processes/scripts work
	 together, but SIGINT should either work outright or be
	 trapped to produce a confirmation query.) 

During the original config, I also specified 'n RET' as per the
instructions at http://www.debian.org/~wmono/powerpc/ , then hit
return again to abort the keymap selection process.

-- John Whitley

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