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PPC Package issues and possible dselect bug

A few "bugs" in package dependencies:

logrotate requires popt but popt "doesn't appear to be available"
hfsutils-tcltk requires "tk8.0" instead of "wish", and thus won't
   accept the tkstep8.0 version of wish.

Bug in perl dependencies (or dselect itself, depending on how you look
at it), as evidenced by the following:

> perl-5.00N recommends perl-5.00N-doc
> perl-5.00N-doc recommends perl-5.00N

("N" can be either 4 or 5, both versions have analogous dependencies.)

Even with both packages selected for installation, dselect insists on
bringing up the dependency/conflict page until one finally hits 'Q' to 
dismiss its confusion.

-- John "Sooner or later, this Lombard WILL run Debian" Whitley

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