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PReP install images updated

I've updated the PReP installation page.  The images now contain a kernel
with pcnet32 support for the IBMers.

I also posted the patch versus official 2.2.9 and .config that was used to
build the images since people will want to rebuild the kernel if they are
using it.

I'll update them once we have a stock kernel that doesn't need patches to
build and run on Mot. PReP boxes.  After a couple more critical packages
get rid of problems I'll try making a single iso image for use.  Right now
I have a bootable PReP CD that just has the base install stuff on it and
then I use the apt method to install everything after reboot.

Send bugs, flames, etc... right here.

Matt Porter                                       Motorola Computer Group
matt_porter@mcg.mot.com                           CIBU Linux Support

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