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Re: netscape?

On Sat, Aug 14, 1999 at 07:43:09PM -0500, Jeramy B Smith wrote:
> My recommendation would be to use an older Netscape 4.0x. I've seen some
> horrendous memory leaks occur with 4.5-4.6. 4.61 might have them sealed, I
> use it to make some simple changes to my web sites but I haven't had a
> chance to watch it empirically.

Nope, they all leak like a sieve.  In my experience shutting off Java
and Javascript helps this somewhat.  The biggest pain is not just the
bloat to Netscape itself, but to the running X process.

Using the stand-alone navigator instead of Communicator helps somewhat.
I usually just kill netsccape at least once a week.  Consider maybe iCad.

Oh, if there is a 4.61 Linux/PPC rpm available, remember you can still
install it with alien.


Michael G Schwern                                           schwern@pobox.com

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