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PReP bootdisk and IBM Power Series 830


I have IBM Power Series 830 (IBM's desktop PReP machine) and I tested
bootprep.bin on http://master.debian.org/~porter/

I use bootp & tftp to boot image. Bootprep.bin can boot up my IBM 830
and it works good without network. IBM 830 has AMD79c970 on-board
Ethernet controller. But bootprep.bin does not contain PCNET32
support. Please add PCNET32 support to bootprep.bin.

BTW, I built kernel from kernel-source-2.2.10 with
kernel-patch-2.2.10-powerpc, It can boot but it hangs up at random
with message 'hda: lost interrupt'. Does bootprep.bin was applied
special patches? Where is bootprep.bin's kernel source and config?

Susumu OSAWA <susumu-o@debian.or.jp>

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