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Successful 2.2.11 kernel compile

Just wanted to report that the 2.2.11 kernel, compiled from source,
works right out of the box on a G3 Powerbook (Wallstreet II), no
patches or fiddling necessary (I had to patch drivers/video/atyfb.c in
2.2.10.  It looks like that patch has been rolled into 2.2.11 with
additional fixes)

That FB Overflow problem hasn't reocurred yet, but its still too early
to tell.

BTW The Magic SysReq key works, gotten me out of many a jam.  Probably
one of the better reasons to compile your own kernel.  Fn+F9

FYI Don't try to use Real Time Clock support.  Causes a kernel panic,


Michael G Schwern                                           schwern@pobox.com

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