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FB Overflow

This problem has plagued me since switching over to Debian from
Linux/PPC.  I've only seen one other report.

Occasionally, when switching from one virtual console to another, I
get screens full of "FB. overflow: <###>" where ### is an integer of
increasing sequence.  Attempts to do anything past this point simply
result in more "FB. overflow"s.  The kernel seems hung, the only thing
possible is the Magic SysReq to sync the disks, unmount and reboot.

This problem has occurred on Debian's 2.2.9 and 2.2.10 kernels and a
2.2.10 kernel I compiled myself from the Debian kernel source.  Its a
truely annoying and very embarassing problem.  It happens so
frequently that I now dive immediately into X and never use the
console for fear of crashing the system.

I don't happen to have a copy of the kernel parameters I passed to
BootX handy.  I'll get them if its relevant.

(This is an Apple G3/266 Powerbook (WallStreet II))


Michael G Schwern                                           schwern@pobox.com

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