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XF86Config for a 7500?

 I need to get X running but I can't find the right data to put in the
 XF86Config file (startx --> no valid video mode).

 The machine is a 7500 (604e), AppleVision750 monitor, and I'd be happy
 with just 1024 x 768 75Hz. I have unsuccessfully been trying to change
 the XF86Config.eg example file (placing the new file into /etc/X11/ of
 course). The xfree86.org guide tells me to read the monitor's manual. I
 don't have one, nor other info about the video hardware.

 I am booting from MacOS with BOOTX, checking the "NO VIDEO DRIVER"
 option, & with a "LinuxPPC standard kernel".

 Any help would be much appreciated.

	Rob Chatwin
	Deptº de Ecologia
	Univ. de Extremadura                    Tel: +34 924220319
	BADAJOZ 06071, Spain                    Fax: +34 924275428

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