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Boot disk...

I have the tarball, I have a PPC (that has run LinuxPPC before, but doesn't
have anything but a small MacOS partition, since the old HDD died), but I
can't find a boot disk which can mount both a HFS partition, an ext2
partition, and run 'tar'. (No joke, not one boot disk has tar on it!)

Is their either a rescue disk (like every other debian port has), or a boot
disk + image around that will let me extract the tarball and run a *real*
Linux distro on my PowerMac?

(kernel with IDE support and Tulip/de4x5 + HFS is required to get me started)

Alternatively, is there a way to cross-compile everything from an x86 box?

Thanks in advance for you help.

-- Michael Samuel <michael@surfnetcity.com.au>

Anything said in this message is my employer's fault, not mine; sue him.

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