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Re: Apple vs. IBM

> The claims about IBM there aren't too accurate.  They're not so out of
> touch.  Look who they're selling rs6k's to.  Big companies that want
> support 24/7 with AIX.  They're willing to pay a lot for the support they
> get from IBM.
1. Un*x workstations from IBM, Sun, SGI, and HP have lost ground to NT

2. SGI and Sun have introduced sub 10k workstations (O2, Ultra5) to compete
with the NT market penetration.

3. Sun Ultra5 machines (which start at $2400) outsell 43P150 machines by a
large margin.

IMHO: Most companies I see buying RS6000 equipment are buying servers and
not workstations. If service and support are so expensive, they should be
made an option just like extra memory. Personally, I still contend that IBM
is out of touch when it comes to Un*x workstations. Even the 43P140 is
overpriced if you look at how much they charge for components.

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