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Printing, USB and Centronics...

	Here is a somewhat hypotethical question...

	I have a PowerMac G3 233 (beige) and a Canon BJC-600 printer.  Now
the printer is Centronics (parallel) only, while the Mac has PCI slots and
ADB ports but no Centronics.  In MacOS I could buy PowerPrint Plus which is
an ADB to Centronics adapter together with printing drivers.

	What I could do in GNU/Linux?  I thought of buying a PCI to USB card
and an USB to Centronics adapter, and then printing thru Ghostscript, but I
would like to know beforehands if this has a chance of working.  That is,
assuming USB is working in the PowerPC under Linux or shortly will be.

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra
Amdocs (Brasil) Ltda

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