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[michdaen@iiic.ethz.ch: Re: PAM problems]

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Delivered-To: koptein@debian.org
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 15:05:08 +0200
From: Michel Dänzer <michdaen@iiic.ethz.ch>
Organization: ETH Zürich, Team *AMiGA*
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To: debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: PAM problems

"Michel Dänzer" wrote:
> I have installed the latest PAM stuff, and now I have the following problem:
> cooper@miggy:~> su root
> su: problem establishing PAM_RUSER

I have made /bin/pam-apps world-accessable and linked /bin/su to
/bin/pam-apps/su, and su works again. Is there anything wrong about this?


Ben: could you answer this?



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